Think BiG Thoughts No. 410

Unknown Author“Faith is not a pill you take but a muscle you use.”

~ Author Unknown

A muscle you use? ….. How does that work?

Well, whilst you probably see faith is being a state of mind ….. or a level of belief ….. you can’t demonstrate faith by what you say. After all, you know as well as I do, that it’s easy to say words that reflect something you don’t really believe.

You can only demonstrate faith through the actions you take and taking that action is the ‘muscle’ we’re talking about, here.

To exercise that ‘muscle’, all you need to do is take action consistent with the ‘faith’ (or belief) you want to demonstrate.

And your faith doesn’t have to be ‘total’. In fact, your faith can fall well short of that.

It’s just like the old ‘fake it until you make it’ approach to confidence: If you act ‘as if’ you are confident, you’ll start to feel confident – and do so very quickly (there’s now plenty of scientific research to support that this works – check out Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk here).

Taking action consistent with the ‘faith’ you want to demonstrate, builds the ‘muscle’ which, in turn, builds your faith.

And maybe – just maybe – that’s the point!

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Have a great day,

Steve Bimpson